Simple Police Cap

I made nothing very big, but perhaps someone will find it useful, I remade base game cap I like most for my gameplay (I think Hugo likes it cuz 1st thing he did was selfie lol) since there’s so many great made outfits already I felt like there’s no cap and it’s needed, at least for me. It’s not perfect made but…. looks good in game DOWNLOADaa


Frank with all files


I wanted share my sim in library but I never can be sure for how long it’ll remain there, so I decided put him into pack and share here. I’m not using Fb lately and I’m not simming lately too, not sure when I’ll have time for it, so: I packed him into Tray folder, also cc (hair, body hair, skin and 2 pieces of clothes a little bit recolored by me). I used traits from game only, also rest of clothes too, I tried pack very little to not add too much into your game) I still hopes hair I packed were the ones on pic lol anyway Thanks for letting him stay alive in your games and wish you Happy Simming!! DOWNLOAD