“Animal Beauties” Paintings – Sims 4


Paintings for Sims 4. Set of 5. $100 under Paintings/Posters. Base game compatible.


Credits: https://society6.com/seanwei


Hogwarts House Pennants – Sims 4


“Old Gryffindor, from wild moor,
Fair Ravenclaw, from glen,
Sweet Hufflepuff, from valley broad,
Shrewd Slytherin, from fen.”

Download Here!

This is my first CC ive ever shared! Please let me know if anything goes wrong!

Boho/Shabby Chic Set – Sims 4

Lots & lots of boho/shabby chic paintings for Sims 4. Pick & choose your favorite sets or get them all. Base game compatible. $25-$100 under Decor.

Boho Inspirational Quotes- *DOWNLOAD*
Boho Watercolors- *DOWNLOAD*

Shabby Chic Nature Prints – *DOWNLOAD*
Shabby Chic Prints – *DOWNLOAD*
Rustic Prints – *DOWNLOAD*

Credits: StudioSwede13, EarthChildArt, & Jenndalyn

“New Haven” World Save – Sims 3


Well here it is guys! Another saved game of mine…called New Haven. Can you tell that I have a thing for small worlds? 😉 It’s prepopulated with sims from the Townie Adoption tumblr.(Which is now deleted :/ ) And it’s kinda got a small city vibe to it. It’s not really pet friendly because of the size. All the lots are 15×15 except for the big park and festival lot. I’d also recommend Nraas Register to disable wild animals, tourists and paparazzi. I playtested it for a few sim weeks and had no lag or issues at all.

32 lots
16 residential (6 empty, 10 populated)
16 community
No store content

CC used – Rabbithole rugs are required for the careers to show up. All careers are present except for the film studio. This file goes in your Mods>Packages folder. *DOWNLOAD*

This is a save! *DOWNLOAD*
You’ll need the world found HERE for it to work!


“Oceanus” World Save – Sims 3

I’m baaack…and I’m not empty handed this time lol. This was a quick little save I put together for story purposes but wanted to share! No roads…this a “Midnight Sun” world that I edited. Sims travel by swimming or by boat. Mermaids, pirates, royalty…and maybe a sea witch or two…*gasps* Oh the possibilities! I’ve playtested it and have had no real trouble with it. Hope ya enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

*Note: This is a saved game so you’ll need the world by Gurra HERE.

About: No CC, No Store Content, 18 Lots Total
Most lots are by me except the “mermaidish” ones…they are by the lovely Crowkeeper and 2 dive lots were already in the world. All Sims are EA or mine.
8 Residential lots: (2 empty)
10 Community lots: 4 dive lots, library, art gallery, hangout, 2 ports and a market. No rabbitholes though…like I said…story purposes 😉

*Requires: All eps up to IP.

*Download: HERE!

*Recommended: Brnt Waffles Frozen lighting mod (used in pics) Found HERE. Nraas Traveler, Nraas Register, Nraas Master Controller…found HERE. No pets! They get stuck!

Known issues: Sometimes Sims float above the dive lots a few seconds before diving under. I’ve seen sims swimming in the sand a few times & had to reset them. That’s about it…please feel free to contact me with issues and I’ll try to fix it if I can!