Well here it is guys! Another saved game of mine…called New Haven. Can you tell that I have a thing for small worlds? 😉 It’s prepopulated with sims from the Townie Adoption tumblr.(Which is now deleted :/ ) And it’s kinda got a small city vibe to it. It’s not really pet friendly because of the size. All the lots are 15×15 except for the big park and festival lot. I’d also recommend Nraas Register to disable wild animals, tourists and paparazzi. I playtested it for a few sim weeks and had no lag or issues at all.

32 lots
16 residential (6 empty, 10 populated)
16 community
No store content






CC used – Rabbithole rugs are required for the careers to show up. All careers are present except for the film studio. This file goes in your Mods>Packages folder. *DOWNLOAD*

This is a save! *DOWNLOAD*
You’ll need the world found HERE for it to work!