I finally finished my save file for the empty world of Aelview! I’m very pleased with the results. It turned out to be more of a suburban/college town. There was no cc/store content used, I’m not sure which EPs will be needed but LN, SPN, IP, SNS, PETS, UNI & AMB are a must and your game will need to be patched to 1.63 or higher. I used very little from the SPs so if you’re missing any the game will replace it with something from the base game. There are 25 community lots and 30 residential lots. 25 homes are prepopulated – 5 are empty. All rabbitholes are present as are the basic lots like the library, gym, art gallery, beach etc.

*Notes: There are 5 ghosts in town, 4 in the graveyard, 1 in the art gallery. Most of the residential lots were not created by me – I gave credit where credit is due. Most of the families came from the Townies Adoption tumblr. I’m using the Frozen lighting mod by Brnt Waffles in the “after” picture.

*Installation: The Aelview simpack needs to be installed through the launcher, the Oakwood Glen folder needs to be unzipped and placed in the Saves folder and the lighting mod (if you want it) goes in the Packages folder.

Aelview: http://emperorsims.tumblr.com/post/73596970309

Lighting Mod: http://brntwaffles.tumblr.com/post/88207076442/inspired-by-the-lighting-in-the-film-frozen-i

Saved Game: http://www.mediafire.com/download/55utr8ybs0fsc7v/Oakwood_Glen_2.sims3.rar