I’m baaack…and I’m not empty handed this time lol. This was a quick little save I put together for story purposes but wanted to share! No roads…this a “Midnight Sun” world that I edited. Sims travel by swimming or by boat. Mermaids, pirates, royalty…and maybe a sea witch or two…*gasps* Oh the possibilities! I’ve playtested it and have had no real trouble with it. Hope ya enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

*Note: This is a saved game so you’ll need the world by Gurra HERE.

About: No CC, No Store Content, 18 Lots Total
Most lots are by me except the “mermaidish” ones…they are by the lovely Crowkeeper and 2 dive lots were already in the world. All Sims are EA or mine.
8 Residential lots: (2 empty)
10 Community lots: 4 dive lots, library, art gallery, hangout, 2 ports and a market. No rabbitholes though…like I said…story purposes 😉

*Requires: All eps up to IP.

*Download: HERE!

*Recommended: Brnt Waffles Frozen lighting mod (used in pics) Found HERE. Nraas Traveler, Nraas Register, Nraas Master Controller…found HERE. No pets! They get stuck!

Known issues: Sometimes Sims float above the dive lots a few seconds before diving under. I’ve seen sims swimming in the sand a few times & had to reset them. That’s about it…please feel free to contact me with issues and I’ll try to fix it if I can!