Here it is…Moonlight Cove. Another saved game I wanted to share with you guys 🙂 I’ve never really played with supernaturals (except mermaids) and I disliked how big and spread out Moonlight Falls is…I like compact worlds, like this one 😀 This save is populated with various townies from Moonlight Falls…I was too lazy to make my own lol. I recommend Nraas Register to disable wild animals, tourists and paparazzi. I playtested it for a few sim weeks and had no lag or issues at all. Like it? Let me know! ❤

30 lots
17 residential (6 empty, 11 populated)
13 community
No store content


CC used – Rabbithole rugs are required for the careers to show up. All careers are present except for the film studio. This file goes in your Mods>Packages folder. *DOWNLOAD*

This is a save! *DOWNLOAD*
You’ll need the world found HERE for it to work!


If anyone is having trouble making this save work…rename the simpack and the world file to match my pics below. Enjoy!