I didn’t plan to release this so early but I had some free time. This is my current save for the story I’m writing, Siren’s Song. (CC free versions of my characters are included.) Extensively playtested, runs pretty great for me…especially with the use of Nraas mods. Enjoy!!

19 Lots:
12 Community
7 Residential (2 empty)

All lots by EA or me.
All sims by EA or me.

No CC!
No store content!
Required Eps: Supernatural/Ambitions/Island Paradise/Late Night/Seasons

This is a save! *DOWNLOAD*
You’ll need the world HERE for it to work! (scroll down the page & you’ll see the link.)

*Optional: BrntWaffles’ Frozen (+IP water) lighting mod & Navetsea’s Sweet Skintone

*Recommended: Nraas Traveler, Nraas Register, Nraas Master Controller…found HERE.