“Seashell Bay” World Save

pizap.com14924696858261This is my current save for the story I’m writing, Lost At Sea. (Some of my characters are even included…but not all.) The world is very tiny and the lots are pretty cramped but the gameplay is flawless…especially with the use of Nraas mods.  Key features: a small custom university, mermaids, and evil scientists. Just thought some other people would like to have it and plus I owed ya’ll a followers gift. 😉 Enjoy!!

21 Lots:
13 Community
8 Residential (2 empty)

All lots by Pixels&Co or me.
All sims by EA or me.

No CC included! (If you want to all careers to be present like pictured, I used Jynx’s rabbithole rugs HERE and HERE. Also Misty’s University rugs HERE)
No store content!
Requires: Island Paradise & University

This is a save! *DOWNLOAD*
You’ll need the world “Isla del Sol” from HERE for it to work! I highly recommend running the simpack through Custard before installing…there is cc attached to it.

* I use the Frozen (+IP water) lighting mod by Brntwaffles.