Sorry for all the redirects to get here, I decided it’d be easier to keep the downloads on one post. Anyways, on to the goods…I haven’t been able to find a mod like this anywhere so if one already exists, apologies. This is all 95% of the career/hidden items from all packs up to Snowy Escape. (Some items I didn’t include because they didn’t show up in CAS while I was testing.) Coming from a storyteller point of view, I figured these were must have. As new packs are released, I’ll update this post. Files are properly tagged. (Shouldn’t show up on random Sims and Hot/Cold weather tagged if any were applicable.)

Updated 1/16/2021 for Snowy Escape

Download All 433 Files Separate (Pick & Choose) HERE

Download All 433 Files Merged HERE

(Note: Locked assets from Nifty Knitting and Star Wars aren’t included since they can be unlocked with a simple cheat. Ctrl+shift+c then enter cas.unlockbytag SP17 and cas.unlockbytag GP09 before going into CAS.)

There were WAY too many items to take pictures of so here are few peeks at them! Enjoy!


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