“Hylewood” World Save – Sims 3

A little gift to show my love! Looking for the perfect island getaway for your Sims? You’ve found it! Everything is built in cabin style (is that a thing?) and rabbit holes are buried to keep the theme.
I’ve had this save sitting on my desktop for almost a year now and I’m finally getting around to finishing it & sharing it. Yes…I’m lazy. I wish I knew how to make cc but this will do. (LAZY!) I’ve playtested it extensively and have had no real trouble with it. Hope ya enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

*Note: This is a saved game so you’ll need the world by Nilxis HERE.

*About: No CC, No Store Content, 25 Lots Total
All lots by me. All Sims are EA or mine.
13 Residential lots: (2 empty)
12 Community lots: All careers/rabbit holes (except film studio). Festival grounds, academy, library, hangout, market, art gallery, dance club, fusion lounge, big park, diving area & port.

*Requires: WA, LN, AMB, PETS, SPN, SNS. I used a lot of stuff from IP, UNI & SHT also.

*Download: HERE

*Recommended: Nraas Traveler, Nraas Register, Nraas Master Controller…found HERE. And no pets if you can help it…they tend to get stuck.


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